Nancy Kaye – Bio

I learned to sew in 4H when I was in high school and kept at it.  Eventually Eric began asking me to make pillows  and drapery and put in commercial window treatments for his clients.  After a while I was helping him with other parts of the business.  Today we work together, though I still run Finestra Contract as the purchasing arm of Eric Kaye Interiors and I still make draperies for some of our clients.

As the drawings — project layouts, furniture plans, lighting plans are completed, I begin specifying plumbing faucets, fixtures and accessories, lighting equipment, wall covering, paint colors, carpet, kitchen cabinets, hardware, etc.  There are a tremendous number of details to take care of along with the fun stuff like finding the right fabric for a sofa or picking paint colors.

I find I am always doing research, walking through antique or furniture stores, reading catalogs and magazines and looking on-line to see what’s new and exciting.  I find a lot of great things that way that later find their way into our projects.

BA University of Massachusetts – Marketing
Finestra Contract