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Eric Kaye and Nancy Kaye

Nancy & Eric Kaye

Eric Kaye Interiors is two people, Eric and Nancy Kaye, working together to create essential interior design for residences, retail stores and restaurants.

For Eric it all starts with light and the play of light. He is interested in the creation of luminous spaces, and in the perception of form, presence and meaning. There are many pathways to this end, though in each case the light delivered must correspond to design intention, and the needs of the client. Eric is also interested in spatial relations, layout, function, visual detailing and hierarchy; it is an exploration of how the massing and layering of furniture, surfaces, and millwork is brought together into a satisfying whole.

Nancy is fascinated by color, texture, pattern, the shape, finish, the specificity of a object, textiles, and the flow of drapery. How do we use a room? How do we in habit a particular space, and what really matters, what visually fulfills the user of a space? She is always looking for new colors she loves, or new ways to use the familiar, a wonderful tile, a surprising material, some uniquely envisioned element to enliven a room and delight its occupants.

With a specialty in architectural and landscape lighting, we are also one of the few independent lighting design firms in this part of New England offering lighting design services to architects, builders, and individual home owners.

Unlike most other designers, we have no signature style. Rather, we try always to bring the client’s ideas to life in the built world, while responding to the deeper unspoken part of the client’s vision.

Located in Northampton in the Connecticut River Valley of Western Massachusetts, our residential work is for the most part in the Berkshires, Pioneer Valley, and North Shore of Massachusetts. Currently all our retail work is local, though we have had projects all over the country consulting with architects in Connecticut, Maine, and California.